About Dr. Goodson

Hi, I’m Dr. Jason T. Goodson.

My journey in mental health care began with a PhD from Utah State University. I then completed a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship through Dartmouth Medical School and received specialized training in cognitive-behavioral and exposure therapies for anxiety- and trauma-related conditions.

After my fellowship, I began working in the VA system. I found the job very fulfilling and continue to work there in a part-time capacity, treating veterans with PTSD, anxiety, and mood disorders.

While I have many interests, I am first and foremost a clinician. I strive to provide the best possible treatment to all my clients.

I take a genuine interest in the unique and individual experiences of my clients, and seek to understanding what is keeping them stuck. I can then bring to bear years of experience and develop interventions specific to my their needs.

Although I can propose many suggestions, I honor my clients’ preferences and choices by giving them the final say in what interventions are used. I have found this approach to be tolerable to clients as well as highly effective in reducing symptoms and improving quality of life.

If you are struggling with anxiety, trauma, or depression, I can help.

– Jason T. Goodson

Career Highlights

  • Published several scientific articles in the areas of PTSD, anxiety, and health.
  • Frequent presenter at local and national conferences, sharing insights on PTSD, anxiety, and related struggles.
  • Served as a peer reviewer for various scientific journals, ensuring consistency, integrity, and quality.
  • Provided expert consultation on the nature of anxiety and fear for Will Smith’s feature film “After Earth.”
  • Served as a national trainer and consultant for prolonged exposure therapy in the VA system.
  • Consistently oversee and mentor psychologists, interns, and mental health professionals in mastering evidence-based treatments for anxiety and trauma.
  • Pioneered innovative treatment protocols for anxiety and trauma-related disorders.
  • Trained hundreds of clinicians in effective implementation of these treatment protocols, significantly enhancing treatment standards.

For a more detailed look at my credentials, please view my resume.