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  • How do Safety Behaviors Maintain Anxiety

    Safety behaviors can exert their negative effects through several different pathways. These pathways are not mutually exclusive, meaning a safety behavior could maintain anxiety through one, several, or all the pathways.  1. SAFETY BEHAVIORS MAINTAIN THE SENSE OF THREAT RELATED TO A FEAR/ANXIETY  The first and likely most commonly cited pathway that safety behaviors maintain… Read more

  • Different Categories of Safety Behaviors

    Safety Behaviors have been categorized in many different ways. Some of the category systems have stuck around and are accepted by most researchers…others have not made the same splash. Like other safety behavior researchers, I have my own system for categorizing safety behaviors. There is nothing new or unique about my system, it just provides… Read more

  • Safety Behaviors in GAD, Social Anxiety, Panic, and PTSD

    It may be helpful to read through these different conditions and the common safety behaviors associated with them to identify what you are going through.  Each condition includes a description of the symptoms, the safety behaviors, and then a fictional example of a person suffering from the condition.  GAD is characterized by worry, tension, a… Read more

  • How to identify unhelpful safety behaviors

    Not all safety behaviors are problematic.  In fact, some safety behaviors are helpful. Read more

  • Safety Behaviors

    While safety behaviors is often associated only with anxiety disorders, understanding them can be helpful for general life activities as well. Read more